We hold strong opinions loosely.

To create and examine meaning is a part of the job of being human. On our best days we steward stories and curate concepts toward society’s collective good. At sqglz, it is our privilege, honor, and duty to do the best we can to create meaning responsibly.

It’s a playful job; but someone gets to do it.

And, if you find any notions expressed here to be in error, you are encouraged to drop a line — using the form at the bottom of each article.

kickstarter post mortem
Deacon Rodda
February 9, 2024

I ran a “failed” Kickstarter campaign for a book of practical philosophy. This article traces the threads of that project from its origins a quarter century ago to its possible future successful publication — with lessons learned which stand to benefit both society and li’l ol’ me.

Empowering People
Deacon Rodda
October 11, 2021

I’m going to lay out a tricky ecological design problem here. And, just when it seems like we should all throw our hands in the air and give up, I’m going to throw in what I believe to be a very practical, though difficult, solution to that whole category of problems.

On Trading Crypto
Deacon Rodda
February 14, 2022

— concerning the social impact of speculation, the temporally dependent amorality of parasitism, and the plain fact that the people involved in these crypto-shenanigans are still people we love and that they’re generally the first to get hurt.

A Brief Rant on Patience
Deacon Rodda
August 8, 2021

Ecological and social change-makers can be a rather impassioned and inpatient bunch. Actually, patience is often shunned as an evil by many folks advocating for change. So, what does patience even mean when we’re talking about changing the world? And, what is it actually worth?

Correcting the Fundamental Flaw
Deacon Rodda
February 7, 2022

Not all approaches to thinking about problems in human relationships are created equal. This article attempts to tackle the distinction at the heart of all helpful ways of addressing trouble.

Data on Authority
Deacon Rodda
March 15, 2022

Authority gets a bad rap. It’s reasonable that we should have very high standards for people in positions of authority, so it stands to reason that we’ll be disappointed frequently. But Data, of Star Trek fame, really shows us how it’s done.

At SQGLZ, we are unapologetically outspoken on issues of importance to humanity.

What is represented above are ideas about how we may improve the world — by improving ourselves — as individuals, organizations, and communities. This thinking is presented with the hope that it will:

  1. help you to strategize effectively as you practice social and ecological design
  2. give an idea of the type of thinking partnership that is available to you should you choose to work with SQGLZ

Our clients are the lifeboat builders who are doing the critical work of improving the prospects of the survival of humanity — in every sense. They are the community scale gardeners, the local economic initiative crafters, and the whole-systems educators who labor at the tasks that preserve life and make it worth living.

And, we are among them. We don’t just make stuff pretty; we get our hands dirty too. And, we have thoughts and observations to share.

As a design firm grounded in rigorous, practical philosophy, it is our responsibility to chase down some big hairy questions. We concern ourselves deeply with the ethics, mechanics, and implications of branding, marketing, and design.

These articles represent explorations much more than conclusions. And we hope that in exploring some of these questions with us, you will be inspired in your quest for a virtuous life and primed for your task as a strategic planner. And we hope that all your adventures are fulfilling toward your ultimate purpose on this pale blue dot hurtling through darkness.